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2014 “Evil In-Law” Disc ID Channel. As Judge Walter Allanson in real-life crime drama, Gary is a southern patriarch exacting a murderous rage upon his disobedient son.  

(5 minutes, 54 sec.)

2019 "Better Than Love" as 'Charlie,' a dying drug dealer tries to save a young from his mistakes, coping with opioid addiction.                     
 (2d BTL clip viewable below: "It's all the same, Kid: we're all terminal." 

2015.  Indie feature by Matthew Wilson. 
As clan patriarch Hammish Sinclair, Gary misanthropically rebuffs anyone entering his sphere without the proper respect and esteem for his exalted status.
(1 minute, 31 sec. )

2014.  Trailer for adventure novel Cryptid by Eric Penz.
Gary is paleontologist/adventurer Professor Jon Ostmann, exploring caves in search of evidence of legendary man-monsters.

(52 sec.)

2015.  Z Nation, Syfy Channel  “Going Nuclear”  Season 2, Episode 9.
Gary is nuclear engineer Homer Stubbins, an embittered, cynical survivalist who is enlisted by the team to perform heroics to save humanity (!)
(8 min., 28 sec.)

2015.  “Shutting Off the Power” University of Washington instructional video.
Gary plays a laid-back (lazy?) supervisor-engineer who can’t be bothered to trifles like efficiency or

(35 sec.)     

2016.  Commercial for Imagibrand: “Social Suckitis.”
Gary struggles to give order and purpose to a company loaded with more wackos and tools than in a season of ‘Parks & Recreation’… until he discovers Imagibrand!
(1 min, 28 sec)

2016.  University of Washington School of Medicine instructional video. 

Gary is a family doctor counseling a teenager’s bout with anxiety.

(1 min, 31 sec. )

2017. "The Scottish Play" episode 5 (Amazon) Gary is a clueless, dottering ICE Inspector, searching out an illegal  immigrant, at a  regional theater production of TSP.
2017. Gary plays Grampa/Alberich the Dwarf in Das Ende at the Red Rover Theater Company
2015.  Bose commercial:  “Russell Wilson’s Headphones”

[Actual footage not available:  this clip is the audition that booked the gig.]  Gary is an NFL head linesman, on the field with Russell Wilson & Russell Okung, in a reenactment of Seahawks/Packers Division Title Game.
(35 sec.)

2019 "Better Than Love" Feature Film (Scene 2)
"It's all the same ending, Kid.... We're all terminal."

Audio Samples
Brutal warlord Marco von Wark, from web series Chaldea (web series a la Game of Thrones)
Max the Dog in PSE Training Film: “Beware the Dog”

Seahawks Fan in WALottery “SeahawksScratch”

Spokesperson in “Uninsured Motorist”, Henning, Keedy & Lee PLLC

Smith Tower Video:  1920’s Seattle shady lawyer Jerry Lynch

Commercial Reel V/O