Welcome to my professional site:  I hope you’re a casting agent, producer or director looking for an experienced character actor!  While I do realize that it’s not protocol for most of you—not really practical, in any case—to contact individual freelance talent, I’m inviting you to check out my online site (and friend me on Facebook for updates on projects) to reacquaint yourself with my resume, headshots and reels, video and audio.  My hope is, especially if we’ve previously worked together, that you may from time to time get a breakdown where a given character screams out my name or face or voice to you, and that you won’t mind contacting me directly.  

GARY TAYLOR    SAG Fi-core    253 939 1350 (cell/text)   [email protected]

And please look for me in the following current projects—either recently released or pending:


Finally, I’d like to offer you not only the services of an experienced SAG artist—on both union and non-union projects (and without added agency surcharges for the latter)—but also the assurance of responding to requests for submissions or auditions, video and voice-over, within 4-6 hours of being contacted.

Hope to hear from you.  Anytime!

Streaming on Amazon this fall, in Episode 3 of The Scottish Play , I’m Kevin, the clueless ICE officer.

If you have out-of-town visitors this summer, take them to the Smith Tower Video Tour, where I play shady shyster attorney from the annals of Seattle’s bootleg era, Jerry Finch.

In indie Better Than Love , which may finally see release later this year, I’m dying ex-addict Charlie, trying to mentor a young dealer to straighten himself out.

Late this year or early next, Chaldea should appear as a webseries, and you can hear my voice-over for warlord Marco Becker von Wark.
Also, you may still catch my performance as stone-cold killer Rick Riffe, in a rerun of Cold Case Files on A&E, “Killings on Christmas Eve.”

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