GARY TAYLOR    SAG Fi-core    AEA   253 939 1350 (cell/text)   [email protected]  
Welcome to my professional site:  I hope you’re a casting agent, producer or director looking for an experienced character actor!   I invite you to browse this site to acquaint yourself with my work, through resume, video and audio reels, headshots and production stills. And please look for me in the following current projects—either recently released or still around: 

Just released on Amazon Prime is true-life addiction tragedy Better Than Lovein which, I play dying ex-addict Charlie, trying to mentor a young dealer, Jon (Andy Lawrence), toward getting staight.

On the web series World of Chaldea ,  you can hear my voice-over for brutal warlord Marco Becker von Wark.
Also, you may still catch my performance, from a couple of years ago, as stone-cold killer Rick Riffe, in a rerun of an episode of Cold Case Files on A&E
: “Killings on Christmas Eve.”

A nice Seattle thing to do is to take the in-house tour of historic Smith Tower.... If you do, you'll hear me voicing shady shyster Jerry Finch, attorney to Seattle's notorious bootleggers during the 20's. 

Other pieces available with a quick google search are a nuclear engineer in Z Nation's "Going Nuclear," & the dad of a troubled teen in Grimm's "Twelve Days of Krampus."  An older project, one of my personal favorites, is Homeward Bound, in which I'm a rancher pal of Jean Smart, who first loses and then helps her track down the three adorable pets (VOs by Sally Field, Michael J. Fox & Don Ameche) who wander off in this classic heartwarmer!
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